Developments of Tourism

Developments of Tourism

During past few decades, tourism has significantly developed, especially in Europe. International travels for short holidays have turned out to be highly popular. The tourists have higher income and longer leisure time. In addition, they enjoy higher level of education and more diverse tastes. Therefore, they are seeking higher quality more than ever and the market of collective tourism for using beach sunlight and sand are highly distinguished. People are distinctively inclined toward such attractions. For instance, Club 18-30 has quieter and more luxurious hotels which are attractive to more people.

For their short recreational stays, people opt for a range of places from recreational places in Europe and Britain to rural hotels.

People favor visiting certain centers which offer certain attractions and activities.

The advances of technological and transportation infrastructures (especially after invention of Jambojet) have enabled different types of holiday travels.

The market of sightseeing trips during holidays has increased.

Long-term travels to remote destinations such as Thailand and Kenya are popular now.

The phenomenon of inexpensive flights has emerged due to new generation of small local airports.

In addition, lifestyle changes have challenged the current definitions of tourism.


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