Discussions of Tourism

Discussions of Tourism

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) predicted that international tourism will continue its 4 percent growth rate and up to 2020, Europe will remain the most attractive tourism areas of the world. However, the share of the continent will reduce from 60 percent in 1995 to 45 percent in 2020. This is while frequency of remote travels will be more than domestic ones as it increases from 18 percent in 1995 to 24 percent in 2020.

Since the emergence of e-business in the Internet, tourism products have been among most frequently traded items. These products and services are offered in the network at an acceptable rate. The suppliers of tourism services (e.g. hotels and airlines) have opted for online sale and this has led to elimination of intermediates. Space travels are expected to significantly develop during first quarter of 21st century. Compared with traditional centers of tourism, tourists of space industry will not be significant in number unless certain technologies such as space transportation systems could be developed and used inexpensively.

Technological developments may enable space hotels and solar airplanes or large spacecraft. Underwater hotels such as Hydropolis expected to be developed in Dubai in 2006 will be added to the complex. In oceans, tourists will be welcomed into large and unique ships as well as floating cities. Some futurists expect mobile hotels to be built temporarily in every corner of the globe. Such hotels could be used in places where economic or political conditions are unfavorable or environmental considerations are restrictive.


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