Distinctive Types of Tourism

Distinctive Types of Tourism

During past few decades, other types of tourism have attained increasing popularity. For instance, one could point to the following types:

“Adventure Tourism” in which rugged areas are visited or adventure sports such as mountain climbing or walking are done.

“Agritourism” in which travelling is done based on agricultural industry so as to support local agricultural economy of the region.

“Genealogy Tourism”: It is also called root tourism in which the objective is travelling to lands of one’s predecessors and sometimes getting together with relatives.

“Virtual Tourism” and “Desktop Tourism” are the types in which a person is not travelling physically but explores the world through Internet, books, TV and other means of communication.

“Voice Tourism” which includes voice tours during walking sessions and other types of audio instructions. For instance, one could point to audio instructions of museums and audiobooks.

“Bookstore Tourism” is an action system which is intended to support independent bookstores and encourage their owners so that they could take their books to different parts of the world and offer them.

“Cultural Tourism” includes urban tourism. It consists of historical and interesting places and cities such as Berlin, Kathmandu, Lahore, Lima, Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Delhi, Rome, Prague, Dubrovnik, Beijing, Istanbul, Kyoto, and Warsaw and observing their cultural heritage. Such tours could create a real and expert cultural experiences. For instance, one could point to art museum tourism in which people visit different types of museums or opera tourism in which people go to see concerts and operas.

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